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Cyber Security

The ever-evolving IT environment emphasizes the necessity of cyber security to avoid vulnerability of data systems. Internet network has shrunk the world. Communication has become easier and faster.Hence, the far-reaching internet community demands a better and efficient cyber security system in place. Technology has assisted in the sophistication of the cyber threats too. Such adept attacks require an equally proficient testing and fixing security system to locate and eventually eliminate them.

With a vision to provide net security as an asset to the business industry and to help it avail the entire advantages of information technology, Necurity Solutions ventured into cyber safety in the year 2016. The company has extended its security service to various industries like hospitality, shipping, medicine, jewellery, etc.

Our Mission

To help you avail the absolute advantage of information technology in business sustenance and expansion, without the anxiety about the safety of your digital assets, through our affordable and innovate security solutions.


About Us

Necurity Solutions is a holistic information technology security solution provider .We focus on providing innovative security solutions, to ensure the value of your digital assets.We do this through our application security (web & mobile), network security (enterprise & IT), data protection (security & theft) , protection against malware / ransomware / bots and cloud security.


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Our Services

The Necurity Expertise

The broader spectrum of our service involves Audit reports, Incident response, Advanced testing, Threat research, Cloud security and Design & development. Besides Web app penetration testing, Mobile app penetration testing and Network penetration testing, our areas of expertise cover the following:

  • Enterprise network security
  • Security for Cloud and Analytics
  • Legacy modernization
  • Incident response
  • Patch management
  • Business continuity management
  • Security for Internet of things
  • Securing mergers and acquisitions
  • Managed Security
  • Source code review
  • Disaster recovery audit
  • Firewall auditing
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