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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We perform a comprehensive audit on Android and IOS mobile application to fix OWASP vulnerabilities. Penetration testing for mobile application backend server is performed, to detect vulnerabilities and patch them. We provide 24×7 support in updating and patching of vulnerabilities on all mobile versions released occasionally.


Threat profiling

A threat profile listing all risks of your applications is created to enable testers to replicate relevant attacks.

Online reporting

To fix this, we unbox the application to understand user profiles, business case, functionality and the code base, if code review is commissioned. This relieves the web page of malicious scripts.

State-of-the-art lab

We offer shortened testing cycles, apps validation on different devices and leverage of a repository of domain and platform specific test cases with our resourceful security testing labs. We offer a superior product, 45% sooner.

Multiple platforms

We provide efficient testing through test apps like mobile banking, m-commerce and mobile payment systems on multiple device platforms that includes iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows, under a single unified program, thus enhancing efficiency

Hybrid approach

The fixing process is initiated with the comprehensive case profile we create to explore all vulnerabilities and threats. On obtaining client feedback we proceed to null the threats, by alleviating the host site of the malignant attack.

Experienced expert team

Our team of dedicated security researches help you stay ahead of any trending threats in the mobile app world and provide app security through predictive intelligence.

Digital Marketing

We facilitate better traffic and better sales-qualifying leads. We strive to give you an enhanced sale-oriented digital marketing service.

Brand Design

We assure a better position of your brand in the digital market. With our efficient design, informative content and interactive style, your website further boosts your web presence, resulting in potential sales-convertible leads.

Native apps

Our apps developed for a specific platform can interact with and benefit from the OS features or from any other software typically installed on that platform.

Wearable apps

Customized for both Android and IOS devices, wearable apps can run directly on a watch. With sensors that enable efficient service as per your requirement, our wearable apps have a user-friendly interface.

Internet of Things

We assess your varied requirements and formulate our objectives accordingly, to achieve them without compromising on quality. Our apps help your devices to interact and collaborate efficiently, to enrich your lifestyle.

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