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Network Penetration Testing

We protect the security of your network with our network penetration testing. We generate a complete cyber audit report on the network. On determining the OS and network vulnerabilities, we patch them. We report on every router, switch and port used. We assist in the upgradation to all latest versions and patching their vulnerabilities. We also recommend suitable cyber security protocol. All routers, firewalls and switches are tested for firmware updates. We frame firewall guidelines, if required.

Assessment process

Data collation

We initially gather information through our comprehensive survey of your network including architecture mapping and a complete network scan


We conduct a port scanning and war dialing that includes the scan of open ports, closed ports and filtered ports.


We then proceed to conduct OS fingerprinting that includes evaluation of OS type, patch level and system type and protocol identification

Vulnerability check

Further, we conduct a vulnerability scan using automated scanning with access to a vulnerability database, to verify vulnerabilities and exploits, if any.

Exploit verification

Manual verification and password cracking are used to verify exploits. They are retested to validate results before report generation.


Comprehension reports are generated to provide you the findings, suggested solutions and recommendations.