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Web Application Security Assessment

Potential perpetration of cyber threats to your website is assessed through our website penetration testing. We generate a report on the complete security audit of the vulnerabilities of your web application, which would include details on the vulnerabilities, references and the method to fix them.

This cyber audit can be done monthly or once in 3 months, on requirement. On fixing the vulnerability, a remedial re-testing is done to ensure the safety of your website.

Your every digital update would require a cyber security audit. (e.g., the release of a PHP version or an Apache version). We also perform a vulnerability detection test on payment gateways, logical platform, social engineering, etc., and patch them.

Web app threats

Injection Attacks

These attacks (backdoors, weak algorithms and data storage definitions) are detected with comprehensive source code reviews, to free the interpreter of hostile data.

Cross site scripting (XSS) attacks

To fix this, we unbox the application to understand user profiles, business case, functionality and the code base, if code review is commissioned. This relieves the web page of malicious scripts.

Patch Travel

Faster patching of vulnerabilities is facilitated through the remedial guidance we provide your developers, which helps them focus better on product ingenuity.

Denial of service

To rectify this, we perform domain and platform-based tests to obtain a thorough understanding of the extent of the threat and fix it to re-enable user privileges, critical transactions and sensitive data security.

The fixing process is initiated with the comprehensive case profile we create to explore all vulnerabilities and threats. On obtaining client feedback we proceed to null the threats, by alleviating the host site of the malignant attack.

Request / Response smuggling attacks

Fixing this allows you to receive real time updates of an ongoing project. Our testing experts can be contacted through a chat window to help you keep up your progress and avoid communication delays.

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